Caring for your Face; 5 Don’ts and must Dos for a Naturally Beautiful looking Healthy Skin


A healthy-looking, glowing skin is the number one priority for lots of women, and even men.  Well, you can have that glowing, healthy skin look for the whole year, by just following a few tips on skin care, healthy eating, exercising and eating right

5 Tips to help you gain that Beautiful, Healthy Skin:

  1. Follow the Golden Rule:

Do; always, always remember to remove your makeup before going to sleep.  Makeup prevents your skin from breathing and will also clog up the pores which can cause blemishes.  Skin needs to breathe during the night.

Don’t; forget that exfoliating is indispensable and need to be done at least once or twice each week.  Exfoliating removes the dead skin and will leave your skin with a healthy, brighter looking skin.

  1. The Sun and your Skin:

Do; apply sunscreen whenever you are outside in the sunlight.  Use a sunscreen with an SPF of no less than 15 to block UVA and UVB rays.  A lifetime of exposure to the sun can cause wrinkles, ageing spots, and more skin problems.

Don’t; skip applying sunscreen, even when it is cloudy outside.  Reflective surfaces like water, snow or ice can also cause sunburn.

  1. Beauty Sleep:

Do; sleep at least 8 hours a night.  Or try to sleep as much.  Without enough sleep, your skin will get tired just like yourself.  Your skin will sag and you will get bags under the eyes.  Also apply honey, twice or three times a week, to soothe and heal your skin naturally.

Don’t; forget washing and moisturizing your face before going to sleep.  Avoid using hot water on your skin because it dries out the skin.  Do not forget to apply lots of moisturizer to your skin.

  1. Follow a Skin Healthy Diet:

Do; Eat sufficient amounts of protein and vitamins.  Eat fresh greens, fruits, and vegetables.  A diet low in sugars and fats and which is rich in vitamin C will promote a radiant skin.

Don’t; eat fermented or spicy foods.  Avoid eating too much salt, citrus fruits, and fried food.  Rather eat foods like rice and oatmeal.

  1. Exercise:

Do; exercise regularly.  Yoga, running, and jogging will better your blood circulation throughout your body.  This will help cleanse your body of toxins.

Don’t; skip taking care of your skin before and after your workout.  A toner will help minimize oil production before and during the workout.  Exfoliate afterward and apply a good moisturizer.

Make time for yourself; try to avoid stress, because stress causes your body to produce hormones that will make your skin oilier.  Meditate more and you will radiate more.

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