What are the Effects Makeup are having on your Skin?  Is it Harmful to the Skin?

Makeup is applied to the face to enhance the features and to even out the skin tone and skin texture.  But can it be harmful to the skin?  Going through the routine of cleansing your skin and then applying your makeup, think about what it can do to your skin.  Ultimately, the goal is to improve your appearance.  What can the seemingly harmless layer of perfectly applied makeup really do to your skin?

Adverse Effects that can be caused by Makeup:

Allergic Reactions; caused by ingredients in the makeup, chemicals, perfume or preservatives, can cause an allergic skin reaction in some people.  It is best to try till you find a product that will work for you without causing any kind of negative effect.

An Oily Sheen; a shiny, oily skin is not the same as a youthful glowing skin.  A foundation that has an oily base and creamy powders give a slick appearance.  It can cause smudging of the eyeliner or clumping in the crease above your eyelids.  Avoid oil-based makeup.  Rather stick to water based foundations and loose powders.

Makeup can be the cause of acne; certain oils in cosmetics can worsen acne and even cause acne where there were none before.  Acne is commonly caused by blocked pores.  This is what happens when oils from the makeup collect in and clog the pores.  Look for products that are labelled ‘hypoallergenic’

Dryness; a foundation or powder can dry out the skin and cause a flaky, dull looking skin.  Apply a moisturiser five minutes before applying the makeup.  A hydrating foundation or powder will also help to avoid this.

Most of the time makeup does not have any adverse effects on the skin, even though ingredients like fragrances and preservatives in makeup can cause irritation of the skin or an allergic reaction.  To avoid these types of negative reactions, look for makeup products that are oil-free, fragrance-free and also do not contain preservatives.

Most of these negative and adverse effects can be avoided through good skin hygiene.  Cleansing your skin thoroughly and keeping it moisturized will be a good start.  Together with that, choose your makeup products well.  Make sure it does not contain any harmful substances and that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

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